A cute tubby dog doodle! Wonder what hes all happy about? Maybe someone told him a silly joke! :D

Greymon grumps! Maybe a good snack will change his attitude!

A monster drinking milkshakes! Guzzle those down! :D

A fox dude in his socks. :D

A well rounded, tubby gator!

Colored doodles of Gimbert the Goat, guess hes into playing his cute little synthesizer too!

Winters coming and its getting colder! <:D

Looks like this gator is ready though! Hes all bundled up and also has some warm drinks too! Hot chocolate anyone? :3c

Pigs Pigs Pigs! :D

Some quick cute pig doodles!

Another set of cute doodles!

Here’s Gimbert! A cute, chubby, overall wearing boxing goat! These are a few sketches I made while coming up and designing the character over a few weeks time. Gimbert can be a grump and has a little temper but mostly hes a friendly little dude!
This guy was so fun to make and draw :D

A quick funny Chespin doodle! :)

He looks worried about something! Calm down dude! <:3